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With over 40 years of commercial safety system and fire alarm installation experience, Miller Electric is able to offer business owners some peace of mind that their buildings are safe.  We will install, test, and maintain alarm systems and equipment.  Our professional electricians help keep structures up to local code requirements with the proper signage and emergency lighting for the safety of their employees and customers.

Surge protectors
Video camera installation
Emergency generators
Safety signage
Emergency lighting
Exit signs
Lightning protection
Fire protection system installation & wiring
Commercial fire alarm systems sales
Fire alert system testing & troubleshooting
Fire alarm repair
Security system installation
Door lock systems installation
Parking lot lighting

Keeping your business investment safe and secure is a top priority for us. We can install a variety of electrical systems to protect you investments and alert you to any potential hazards on your commercial or industrial property that could cause damage or injury to you, your employees or your assets.

Call the professionals at Miller Electric to get started.