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Why should I rewire my home?

Old wiring can degrade or wear out, putting your home at risk for fire or system failure. Homes that were built over 30 years ago were not designed to handle the demands of the modern electronics and appliances in use in homes today.

If you want to sell your house, rewiring an older home may be a good idea, or necessary. Buyers and mortgage companies want to know that the home is safe for their families’ and their investment.

Don’t put your home and family at risk, call a professional residential electrician.

Whole house rewiring and service upgrades:

Additions & new construction
House electrical wiring repairs
Phone line installation
Switches and receptacles
Emergency wiring repairs

Wiring new construction

Wiring is a part of any new construction or addition to a house. In addition, the proper electrical service, phone lines, cable and internet wiring may also be required. It is important to be sure the person doing the work is an electrical contractor specializing in this type of work. The last thing that any homeowner wants is their new home or addition to be either unsafe or needing to be torn apart to repair or rewire because it wasn’t done correctly.

Ask your general contractor to call Miller Electric for the wiring of a new construction project.

Call the professionals at Miller Electric to get started.